Possibly The Most Popular Horse Artworks Painting Artists

By Hugh Farro

There are definitely some really lovely horse paintings in existence right this moment. But who are the folks behind these paintings that create such elegant and beautiful artistic designs That's what we're going to take a look at at this time because we definitely want to take a much closer look at the geniuses behind these remarkable and beautiful products. So let's do that right away.

Sir Alfred Munnings is really an enthusiastic horse painter who basically painted nothing else throughout his whole career. This was not just some run-of-the-mill artist either, since he was also the previous president of the British Royal Academy of Art. The majority of his artworks of race horses were of horse races which was this British gentleman's legitimate interest. His house, known as Castle House in Essex, is literally filled with several of Sir Alfred's horseracing paintings to this very day.

Lucy Kemp-Welch is an incredible painter of horses who honestly wants very minimal introduction. Even if you do not know her by name, I assure you definitely recognize her work. She is actually the painter who illustrated the cover of the traditional book Black Beauty. Another major career achievement is that she was the first leader to ever hold business office at the Society of Animal Painters. Lucy genuinely devotedher everyday life to painting pictures of race horses, and you can see those pictures in galleries and museums all across the globe.

George Stubbs, who was born in 1724 and passed away in 1806, is also a British artist who is famously frequently known for a significant painting of a horse. He actually painted the very well known picture generally known as Whistlejacket. This is a particularly well-known picture that basically designed George popular. Lots of his later moment commissioned works of art came about simply because of the charm and imaginative idea that George put forth in the Whistlejacket painting. He was commissioned by many successful consumers after that to draw their very own horses so that they can get their pictures captured almost forever.

Thanks for spending some time to scan this post regarding the most popular artists who have produced horse paintings.

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